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Amalea Chaverah

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Amalea Chaverah

Post by FSanPORTE on Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:20 am

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Amalea Chaverah

Nickname/Alias: Lea

Race/Species: Human

Place of Birth: Alderaan

Current Age: 31 Standard Years Old

Gender: Female

Height: 170cm, 5’6”

Weight: 57 kg, 125 lbs

Appearance: Amalea is a slim looking woman, with dark red hair cut just below her shoulders, fairly pale of skin, and sharp blue eyes. Her face rarely carries any expression, except boredom or exasperation, and getting a smile out of her is difficult unless she is laughing at your misfortune. She has several tattoos, one at the top of her back, and a couple others on each forearms, although they are almost never seen as they are hidden by her clothing.

Clothing: She usually is seen wearing simple black pants with a single white stripe on the side, as well as a simple tan shirt under a brown and black leather jacket. Plain knee-high black leather boots. A blaster holster on her right thigh, various pouches on her belt, mostly in her back. Fingerless black leather gloves under leather gauntlets with integrated datapads.

Force Specialty: Telekinesis, Mind Trick and Force Speed are her strongest and most used Force powers.

Lightsaber forms: Master in form III, proficient in form V, average in form I. Knows the basics or the theory behind all the others but has never really practiced them. She refuses to touch to form VII. She generally doesn’t use her lightsaber unless she has no other option.

Equipment: She carries various splicing and communication tools in her pouches and pockets, as well as en encryption device she usually turns on while communication with certain individuals and she doesn’t want to be tracked.

Lightsaber(s): Amalea wields a fairly basic lightsaber, its hilt slightly shorter than average (mostly for concealment purposes). The blade is green, powered by a basic Ilum crystal, as well as a Kasha crystal given to her by her friend Kain Nehushtan. It is water resistant, and pressure sensitive (will turn off if out of the wielder’s hand, unless controlled with the Force). She tends to hide it and will use it only if she has no other option. (Explained in the bio)

Other Weapons: She carries a simple blaster pistol on her side, and uses it as her main weapon. She also owns a couple rifles as well as a sniper rifle, which she keeps in the secret compartments of her ship.

Occupation: Smuggler. Information Broker.

Biography: Amalea was born on Alderaan in a relatively wealthy family. Both her parents owned a wine export business. She grew up without any real incident except the few moments when objects seemed to levitate around her, moments that went mostly unnoticed. Until she was spotted by a Jedi Master on a mission to escort a Senator for some negotiation at the City Hall. Her parents allowed the man to test her in order to see if she could potentially be trained as a Jedi. Several months later, and after long negotiations, her parents finally let her go and she was sent to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for further testing before officially becoming a youngling. She was already quite old (older than most younglings arriving at the Temple), and it was cause for concern for several members of the High Council at the time. But it was decided that if she were to fail tests and trials, she could serve in the Jedi Corps and be useful anyway, especially considering her natural affinity to the Force.
Surprisingly, she did well as a youngling in spite of her hard head and difficulties with authority. She was soon assigned to Jedi Master Markos and officially started her training as a Jedi. That’s when she met Kain Nehushtan, who was about 10 years older than her and reaching the end of his training as a padawan. They rapidly became friend even though they had very different personalities, and their friendship would last to this day.
Her training went by without too much trouble, and Amalea’s power in the Force grew just about as much as her own rebellious attitude. She was known for often contradicting orders, but somehow was always let off the hook as her results were often positive (sometimes more than what the original plan could have brought). When she wasn’t with her Master, she was often paired with Kain (then a Knight without a padawan) in hopes that he could ground her and show her that some situations could be resolved without the use of a lightsaber. But that didn’t work out too well and she eventually ended up in more trouble than she could have expected.
In spite of her natural abilities for jumping into action without thinking, her rebellious attitude and sometimes foul mouth, she was granted the rank of Jedi Knight at the age of 20 as the Council recognized her ability with the Force and her will to make things right. While her methods were sometimes unorthodox, she had never actually strayed from the path of the Jedi and had never let her emotions actually take control of her actions. But it wouldn’t be for long.
As years went by, she made more and more enemies within the Jedi Council, because of her disregard for protocol and orders she judged inefficient or wasteful. She agreed with the Council on only one thing: she shouldn’t have a Padawan in her care. Many on the Council had suggested and tried to keep her off the field, and to reassign her to Temple duties, but she wouldn’t have it. Until the day when she disobeyed a direct order from the Council, and decided to go help Kain on a mission he was leading. Though Kain and Amalea usually understood each other really well, the mission went bad. Many men were lost, as well as the primary objective of the mission, which was rescuing a group of potential younglings who were kept hostage by pirates trying to sell them for ransom.
When confronted with their failure, Kain tried to defend her in front of the Council, but the Masters wouldn’t hear any of it. They sentenced Amalea to remain in the Temple for guard duty, as well as forced studies in solitary in the Temple’s library. Upon the sentencing, and in a last act of defiance towards the Council, Amalea threw her lightsaber at the Grand Master’s feet and officially resigned her position as a Jedi of the Order.
”This Council is no longer fit to serve the values we pretend to distribute around the Galaxy. Complacency, certainty, illusions. That’s what this Order has to give. This mission was bound to fail, and you all knew it very well. You sent these men to their death just so you could say ‘we tried’. But trying isn’t enough, gentlemen. That, at least you have taught me right. I cannot be part of an Order who has forgotten what they stand for.”
Before she left the Temple, Kain tried to reason with her but she had made her choice already. Somehow, she realised she had made this choice a long time ago but never had the guts to go through with it. Kain gave her two crystals, the ones that would help her rebuild a lightsaber later.
Upon leaving the Jedi Order, she used the connections she had made throughout the years and started a job as a Bounty Hunter. But she soon realised that it was not a viable option for her, as it was against her principles to just kill anyone for no apparent reason, especially someone who wouldn’t be trying to kill her first. Even though she wasn’t a Jedi anymore, she still retained her Jedi training and philosophy. So she turned to the business of smuggling, which was a lot cleaner for her. Her skills were soon recognized in the underworld community who had no idea she used to be a Jedi. Amalea was careful about hiding her previous life, and never exhibited her newly created lightsaber, instead relying on a blaster she kept on her thigh. As she made more connections, and because of her skills with technology and her abilities at splicing, she started a small business as an Information Broker, selling information and data to whoever was interested and ready to pay the price.
Because of this, and because of her lasting friendship with him, Amalea was Kain’s best informant when it came to Galactic affairs, especially when it involved the underworld.

Personality: Amalea is not one to overthink what she has to say, and if she has something to tell you, she won’t beat around the bush. She likes making fun of even the worst situations she finds herself thrown into, but even though she likes cracking jokes during bad times, she rarely actually smiles. She is a quick thinker, but she tends to act first and ask questions later. Though she often appears as disconnected and uninterested by things around her, she is also capable of great compassion and will go out of her way to help someone in need if she deems it necessary.

Strengths: Since she has left the Jedi Order, she has developed great skills with a blaster. Not a lightsaber combat master by any means, she can still hold her own against fairly skilled opponents. She has been known to even engage Sith Lords on several occasion, the most notable one being her fight against both Darth Agrona and Darth Renetka while rescuing Grand Master Ilessar at Kain’s request. (while Kain was a Council member at the time, considering Amalea’s history with the Jedi Order, this assignment was kept secret from the rest of the Council and officially didn’t exist.) She is good with various technologies, especially when it comes to slicing and hacking, as well as mechanics work on starships.

Weaknesses: Amalea often jumps into action without thinking about it first, and makes up her plan as she goes along, which can prove to be devastating when she faces a stronger opposition. Because of her will to keep her past a secret, she rarely uses her lightsaber unless her foe wields one as well or her life is in danger, which forces her to use her blaster instead. She’s not particularly good at hand to hand combat which is a problem for her when a stronger opponent gets too close to her. She tends to look at the situation right in front of her without necessarily thinking of the bigger picture, which was a problem for her when she was a Jedi, and still is today.

Ships: Amalea owns a modified XS Stock light freighter (not quite stock anymore) that she uses in her smuggling operations of goods and persons. She removed some of the weapons to lighten the ship, and modified the engines to gain in speed and maneuverability. She won her ship during a game of pazaac on Nar Shadaa, using her Jedi senses to read her opponents’ cards and a series of mind tricks to make them play badly. She named it “Fat Poodoo” mostly because of its size (she initially wanted something smaller) which gives her the chance to insult some of her clients (“Get in Fat Poodoo!”)

(copy-pasted from dA, but I'm sticking to her :p)

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