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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

Post by lycansei on Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:51 pm

The Battle of Corellia had been five years ago, right down to the day. The subsequent disappearances of all three leaders, as well as many of the top ranking Masters, of the Force factions had ushered an odd silence within the war as new leadership slowly took control.
There were only rumors of the Sith that floated around the galaxy, none could be proven true or false. No sith has engaged a Jedi in battle in quite some time and there were few sightings in remote areas of the galaxy...yet the few reports that did come had word of the two Sith factions returning to one, combining their full forces back together. Despite this, there has been no confirmation of which Sith was now leading them and the leads grew cold. It is assumed, by these reports, that without a Dark Lord to Control them the known Sith Councilors and leaders all turned on each other in various acts of sabotage and back stabbing, which resulted in the power base dwindling. Each Councilor took in Sith for their cause and was either struck down, or fled off to separate corners of the galaxy, to lick their wounds.
In the absence of its leader, the Jedi elected Master Saris Amalia into the position of Grand Master. In that short time she has lead the Jedi in rebuilding themselves, yet she has been far less interested in the political gambit that Corrin had run before her. While managing to keep a united front for the cameras, Her meetings with Grand Chancellor Gortys Asklepios were tense at best.
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