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New Beginning

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Re: New Beginning

Post by Xeo Xeniro on Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:37 pm

“NO! has to be this can' from this...only...from within...thy...self...” Xeo ignoring all voices of reason. Nozami was shaming Xeo out right from his cold words of civil war and including his brother into the mix...but to no avail. The blue skin Chiss, Mith'thrawn'dir, spoke of great reason to heed his knowledge and information...but it was just grain of salt for Xeo's thoughts. Even Malesyn's speech then was pushed aside by Xeo's personal frustration over the conversations of not letting him have it his way. He didn't care. He wanted this war to be done by the numbers he saw fit... another's will alone.

...Xeo could see countless expressions on everyone's face when war and killing Jedi that got in his way wasn't him at all. He knew about the balance between Light and Dark to find an equilibrium within The Force and himself. By doing so he let The Dark Side take over more than any far Jedi Shadow, other then Seshmira who should he never consider how deep that darkness goes, but it fet more...forceful than by instant. “You...all of you...will never understand my reason to do this. Annatar want's this that I shall make sure he get's it in full force from what I can do under a year if need will find his head...gone...but...” Xeo started sweating bullets. Subconsciously it was not the way of his plan to get other Jedi and Dark Jedi to take up arms against Annatar's order. It was a mist within his heart. It felt like a chock hold was on his will. Xeo tried to clam himself and let the coolness of The Light take over...all he felt was sharp ice within his heart. The corellian knew of this feeling...he knew it all to well...and only had to look at his hologram image of someone he could tell the power of The Dark Side was turning him into. A puppet. Xeo knew Nozami's lightsaber can be change to a very low yield power...he had one choice in the matter.

Without hesitation nor warning nor giving any Force powers to give such hint away Xeo Force Pulls Nozami's lightsaber and in mid flight change the lens emitter to a low yield power for this once chance. A small focus beam was made just short and powerful enough to just give Xeo's lower body the shock hit needed. Nozami's adjusted blade gave Xeo great amount of pain to black out...not lethal enough. Nozami's hilt turned off after Xeo's willpower to keep awake went out. A loud hit could be felt of Xeo's body hitting the floor and laying lifeless for the time being. In his fall he did one thing to let the others around him on his behavior of opening killing Jedi and for civil war to begin. His hands were the hint. One pointed to his head...the other point to the holo image of whom he wanted to get into contacted with.

...and his gaze was watching everyone's moment and location...


:Near the Outer Rim section towards West North section of The Known Galaxy:

His gaze was cut off by Xeo's resolution of The Force and skills to use against him. His mediation was broken but was please to know the state of The Galaxy. He rose up in his clad black armor of many planet's cultures embedded into his plates of armor with his pointed hilts of Sith origin at his side, which one being red the other purple. Just a smirk behind his jet black hair with glowing eyes of The Dark Side was shimmering within the darkness. Out of his chambers and proceeding to the command deck of his own personal, and taken by force against his former master's Star Destroyer, craft he came out from the opening of the main deck entrance. All troops and flight crew were looking at the new Sith Master in control of the ship. A salute of all arms and loyal attention was all was needed. His voice echoed into there weak minds under his control of The Dark Side.

“All of you...lifeless pawns. It's time...” He opens his armed wide to all for his presences to be noticed by not just one Destroyer but over a dozen of Sith taken over crafts. The former lord during a Sith splitting was taken out by him with easy. All were chanting his name as soon as his arms were fully out. “WAR!” was all Dreazin Xeniro said.

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Re: New Beginning

Post by tearsRsanity on Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:08 pm

Seshmira saw the soldiers and felt Eldarion tense. She squeezed his hand as she pulled her hands beneath her black cloak. Pulling the hood a bit more forward so all that was visible were her lips and chin. Pure white like the virgin snows of Hoth her skin was a heavy contrast against the eternal night of her cloak. She admittedly looked more Sith in it then anything else. Yet her form was utterly hidden beneath it. For some reason that was hard to tell her height seemed to change. She went from 5'5” to 6'1”. A small flash of light would catch it as Saris would see. The boots Seshmira had been wearing had changed slightly. Hidden tricks one could say. The heels were now silver, six inches high and bladed. It would seem she had six inch razor sharp blades built in to her boots. They made icy cold clacks on the stone floor. One thing could be said of her she was always prepared. A gloved hand moved from beneath her cloak she she pulled Eldarion's hood more over the boys face. She directed him in waiting for Saris to board. She would purposely be the last on. Waiting silently as she slowly backed in. She shifted her weight as the bladed heels receded back in to the boots returning her to her normal height. Chiron had chosen to stay behind with Genesis. Seshmira didn't like it and wanted to protest, but her Father was nearing his 60s. Reasoning with the man was far out the window. He was set in his ways. She wouldn't ask her Mother to come. Keeping appearances at The Lunar Fest was rather important should they ever need to come back. Also....Seshmira knew well her Mother may actually eat a few people if kept away for too long. She wasn't blind to that fact. However it made littler difference anymore. She didn't have time to debate the right or the wrong of it anymore. Arguing with a woman that was over two thousand years old was going to get you nowhere fast. Her parents really deserved each other. Jedi and Sith. The irony hit her in a rather odd fashion. Except the roles were reversed between her and Corrin. The warning still fresh in her mind about protecting her son. “I'll never kill you Corrin, but I won't allow you to kill us either.....No matter how far in to darkness you go my heart always goes with you. It always will My Hero.” She wanted to reach out to touch him through the Force. Looking for that nearness that was always so familiar through their Force bond. There was a time she didn't know how to function without touching his mind. She often needed it to feel his closeness and to know he was safe. For just a brief moment. Like the beating of wings she remembered what that felt like, but so brief was it that it seemed to not have existed at all. She sighed as she waited for Saris to close the hatch sitting there her mind seemed so far away. She was remembering Alderaan. When they went away together after they were married. Running through the field together as he chased her around the trees and they were caught in a down pour. Just how she felt wrapped up in his arms. How they talked about leaving it all behind. Settling down and becoming farmers after the war was over and peace was truly back. It was a wonderful dream. They were so happy then. It seemed like another life time now.

Eldarion looked at his Mother. She seemed lost in thought as he touched her hand. For a moment he could see her memories clear as day. He had no idea how he could do that or why, but sometimes when he touched people he could see what they were thinking like a holocron going off. “Mommy....If my Father was really like that I hope he can be again. You were laughing and smiling. I hope with all my heart you will one day again. It's not fair you hurt this much after being that happy.” he frowned as he looked at her.

She didn't act surprised that he knew her thoughts. His Father use to do that to her. It was not surprising he could to. “Sadly my sweet boy we don't always get to be so happy. Its the cold fact of life. So you have to treasure all the small good moments you can have because you never know when they will be stolen from you.” She was honest with him. She always had to be. He could tell when she wasn't telling the truth.

Eldarion looked at Saris and Seshmira. “Then I will fight till my last breath to make sure everyone is happy again. No one should have what my Mommy and Father did taken away from them. No one that happy should have it ripped from them its not fair. I could feel it in her memories. Knowing Mommy was that happy once and now....” The little boy slammed his fist on his thigh. “I don't care how long it takes I will make sure you, Aunt Saris and everyone else is happy again. Just like I saw in your memories Mommy. “ His sapphire eyes got that look to them. The same look Corrin would get when he was determined to bring peace to all living things. Seshmira didn't have the heart to tell him how impossible of a dream that was.

Nozomi sighed as Xeo passed out. “Well that explains a lot.” She looked to everyone around them as she picked Xeo up. “His older brother Dreazin is the culprit behind his insanity. For whatever the reason if Xeo doesn't keep his mind perfectly guarded at all times Dreazin gets in his head and for lack of a better term acts like a puppet master. I've begged him to get help, but with everything going on he hasn't stopped long enough to do so.”

Malerna who had been busying herself with the wounded had finally made her appearance after the received the message and all the lunacy. “Bring him down to the medical ward Nozomi. I'll see what I can do to help his mind. We don't need at the wrong time for Xeo to lose himself and to be dealing with another homicidal Sith on our hands. We have enough of that with our current situation. “

Nozomi nodded as she handed him over to Malerna and two soldiers who had followed her up. She looked at Malesyn. “Seshmira keeps spare parts on the ship and she also has a small escape pod that you can perhaps cannibalize if you need to. Take what you need and lets get moving. I'm sure it won't be long till they find us and I don't want to be caught dead in the water when they do. “
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Re: New Beginning

Post by FPNinja on Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:15 am

The quarrel outside resolved itself, that much was true. Merely one trifle squashed next to the many others that swarmed the Commander's mind. Malesyn pushed his way through the narrow corridors of the raven's fold until he found himself at the cockpit. Aran was there, listening in on the comms channel.

"You're just in time, we're getting a hail from Ardru."

Malesyn's eyes narrowed at the comment. And he pushed his way over to the co-pilot's seat and filled it's vacant space.

"You're speaking with Commander, Naydo Malesyn."

From the other end a familiar voice filled his ears. "Wrlyn, speaking. One of my men tells me a bantha shit story about you wanting to turn yourself into our custody. I'm not one to trust many people, so tell me... what is this all about. Something bothering you, of late? Perhaps a little mishap on Coruscant?"

Malesyn pursed his lips as he hovered his hand over the panels. "You're not wrong." he paused. "Listen, I do not have the time nor the luxury of filling you on everything that's occured within the last few hours, but I'm fairly confident that you're facing a similar situation. Point in case being, I'd like to clear the air between you and me."

There was a long silence that drew a thin line between the conversation before Wryln's voice came through again. "Spit it out then."

"You are not Separatists. That much we have confirmed. You once told me that the Republic was at fault for it's refusal to abide by it's trade policies, that's not necessarily true. They were staged. A bounty hunter named Gromas hired a splicer who managed to wipe out the latest shipments, others were commandeered and blockaded by third party criminal factions to make it look like they were unwilling to continue their exports. It was a very tactical move by someone we've yet to find. But I'm not here to elaborate on that now, right now I want to know if you'd be willing to cooperate with us. Because you were ultimately right, the Republic is corrupt, we believe the Chancellor has betrayed the Jedi Order."

"Your militia has managed to take over major industries that operate on various planets within the inner rim territories. Ardru being one of them. I know this because the Republic knows this. And if they know this, then you don't have a lot of time before their knocking down your door. They will wipe you out."

"What makes you think I can trust you after the shit you pulled the last time we conversed?"

"I don't have an Army behind me, Wrlyn... but you do." Malesyn paused, "N-19... B10043005... meet me there, we'll work this out face-to-face."

"I see anything I don't like when I get there, Malesyn. You and I will have problems."

Malesyn smirked slightly, "Believe me when I say this, Wryln, you have a lot more to worry about right now than just me. You just stay alive until we can work this out in person."

"Not even the natorious 273rd was able to put me out of my misery, you'd best remember that, Commander".

Aran tilted his head as Malesyn leaned back in his seat, "That went better than I expected."

"Wrlyn's a hot-head but he's smarter than he looks, he knows that if the Republic is bold enough to attack the Jedi Temple they'll be looking to clean the slate with the Seperatists next."

"Well I guess I better get to work on the ship then," Aran said as he lifted himself out of his seat."

"Nazomi's given you access to their ship. Said you might find what you're looking for in the cargo bay, you look for me or, Conner if you need any help. In the mean time... I'm gonna go have a chat with our guest."


Conner placed the unconscious Admiral in the storage cell provided by the Raven Fold's Cargo bay. He lifted his head somberly and allowed the liquid from the canteen he'd been holding to flow into his mouth. He responded by jolting awake, sputtering and coughing as he took in his surroundings. As this happened, Conner whipped a chair in front of him and set it just across from him. He took a seat, leaning forward and eyeing him curiously, before he offerend the bottle of water to him. "Apologies, sir, but you know the rules... no sleeping on duty."
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Re: New Beginning

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