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Ereth Rylos

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Ereth Rylos

Post by FPNinja on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:16 am

Ereth E'zkiel Rylos
by *FacePalmNinja

Name: Ereth Ez'kiel Rylos

Nickname/Alias: Not Applicable

Race/Species: Cathar

Place of Birth: Cathar/Outer Rim Territories

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Height:  6' 6"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Appearance: A thin set jaw line with slivered eyes set around a masculine framed head. His mane is well-kept and retains a Nordic appearance. He is toned for acrobatics and maneuverability, and keeps his body slender and toned.

Clothing: Traditional Jedi Robes over light-fitted armor.

Force Specialty: As an individual renounced from the ranks of the Jedi Sentinels after his passage into the Jedi Council, Alester has retained a steady hand in Control and Alter based force abilities. His advanced force aptitude in a state of Altus Sopor Meditation has given him mastery in a focus known as "Art of the Small" and has earned him proper respects amongst the ranks of the Jedi and his peers for his stealth-like approach. His occupation as a Jedi Shadow has earned him some ill-placed judgement from other members of the Order, but the Council praises his wisdom and aptitude in the force nonetheless.

His is commonly known to use these force abilities:

- Force Cloak
- Mind Trick
- Force Pull/Push
- Alter Environment

Lightsaber forms:

- Shii-Cho [Form I] (Shii-Cho incorporates the basis for which all following forms follow, and is a form that is required as an initiate to master in order display display discipline and control during the initiate trials. All initiates have mastery of this form. Form I is the oldest of all forms and has evolved straight from the ancient discipline of sword fighting. Focusing on parrying, feints, and jabs, and teaching the fundamentals of the target zones of the Head, Shoulders, and legs.)

- Shien [Form V Variant] (learned variant cadences during his time as a Padawan, under the instruction of Master Bota N'oah in order to deal with the more abundant use of blasters )

- Trakata (Mastered between his time as a Padawan and a Jedi Sentinel)

- Makashi [Form II] (Learned in Moderation during his time with Master Bota N'oah and allowed him to incorporate more control in his Form IV cadences. )

- [Form IV] (mastered in his days as a Jedi Shadow under the instruction of the Jedi Battle-Master.)

- Republic light-fitted armor
- Aquata Rebreather
- Jedi Beacon Transceiver
- Compressed-air Grappling Hook
- Wrist Comlink
- ImageCaster
- Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)
- LightSaber Repair Tools
- Blood Scanners

Lightsabers: Ereth's lightsaber has seen various modification throughout it's use during his services within the Jedi Order. Regardless, it has maintained it's Yellow hue. Associating himself with the few Jedi Sentinel's that walk the Jedi Temple. He adopted a pike to which he could attach his saber after his passage into the Jedi Council. But will often carry around it's extension as a staff. The lightsaber itself had a hand grip made from Vashak-wood, shrouded around a silver-flecked cortosis metal casing. The Blade's Fencing Emitter allowed for easier parry strikes, but Ereth keeps a deflection variant handy for when the situation calls for it. The Crystal itself was heavily meditated upon and has remained untouched since his initial trip to Illum. The Charge Port, Activator, and blade intensity control line up vertically just under the radiator casing segment.

Other Weapons: DG-23 is an assassin droid reprogrammed for reconnaissance and navigation. He had sabotaged the particular unit during a field operation in the Outer Rims, and since then, it has remained loyal to him.

Occupation:Jedi Sentinel/Jedi Shadow/Jedi Council Member


- Born on Kathar, Ereth was entering into his 3rd year of infancy when Jedi master Bota N'oah founded him as a potential force user and was taken to the Jedi Temple. The traditions of the Cathar made the recruitment process easier. As the parents were proud of their children for serving the Republic. The same Jedi watched his progress over the years as an initiate, and after his forthcoming trials. Adopted the young Cathar as his Padawan learner.

Ereth spent much of his time in the Outer Rims with his Master, who was a Jedi Guardian at the time, and often dealt with the Hutts. Investigating reasons behind their influence in the Expansion Region and the Mid Rim Territories. During this time Ereth concentrated on his focus in Altus Sopor and his Sense abilities of Forsight, lifelink, and the mysterious "Art of the Small", to which Master Bota watched carefully. Master Bota N'oah also instructed him vigorously in Form V: Shien, stressing the importance of it's purpose-- especially in the outer rim territories-- and it's ability to refract blaster bolts. Trakata was later practiced during his time in the Jedi Archives, where he grew interest in utilizing the blades ability to switch on and off. It was in light of this that he reconstruted his lightsaber to compensate for a potential shortage from doing so in a lengthy battle. Near the end of his time as a Padawan, he and Master Bota N'oah discovered that the Hutts were petitioning the Agricultural worlds to sever their ties with the Republic in turn for double the profit of their crops, and had used a third party to expidite their decision. The Master and Padawan tracked down a name in particular. Do'Shan, a mandolorian bounty hunter who had been responsible for the discord which was pushing to force a signature of the petitions. During a vigorous battle Master Bota N'oah was wounded, Ereth took up his blade and utilized his master's teaching's in Shien and his aptitutde in Trakata to parry and out wit his opponent, ending the duel with a viscious mark of contact that had been referred to in the Jedi teachings as Cho Mok... Severing Do'shan's arm at the elbow, where the mandolorian armor had been nonexistant. He had, in this instance showed Courage and Insight, and had thus passed these two trials. After the bounty hunters arrest, Bota N'oah and Ereth traveled back to Coruscant, and Bota N'oah had him tested for the remaining trials.
Ereth's Knighthood came with an awareness he had forseen the night before. A plot to disassemble the Republic through a means of espionage. Fearing the Sith may have returned to influence this plot. Ereth took on the path of a Jedi Sentinel. And invoked the Council on this matter. The Council noted his glimpse into the future, and mentioned that his path lie on a road few traveled. That he would become a Shadow for the Temple, and through stealth and Precision, would help unravel this mystery plot.
Ereth's doctrination into the small league of Sentinals gave him access to a Republic CEC CR90 Corvette with capabilities which catered to his particular path. Lightly armored, and moderately shielded, fast, manueverable, and over all else... stealthy. While it did not possess cloaking abilities the jamming sensors were top of the line. So long as it was within the shadows of a near star's light-cast. Nothing would be able to pin point it's location. A special modification to the Hyper Drive's Ballistic Computer Scrambled a signal which made enemy ship's difficult to trace it's coordinates in the midst of a hasty escape.

Ereth's various missions unearthed a potential Threat in the Factory Region of Space. During an infiltration mission he uncovered a chilling name that pointed toward the regions of Wild Space. Originating a transmission to a planet not associated with the nearly century old archives, Ereth was in the midst of escaping when an assassin droid discovered his infiltration and attacked. Ereth managed to disable the droid and sabotaged it's memory core for information before reprogramming it for navigation and recon. It's intel gave him the necessary Hyper drive coordinates to seek out this person, who was later known to be Xaxer Valice, An apparent force user on a planet he heralded as Vothess. He engaged the man and dispatched him after a drawn out battle in one of the Stations he had infiltrated, uncovering a plot to blockade a major supply route for the Republic using Black Sun. At age 25, he was promoted to Jedi Master, and given a seat at the Council, where he would serve another decade negotiating the actions the Order should take to confront the rising threat of the Seperatists.

Personality: A noble Cathar jedi with vast wisdom despite his status as a Jedi Shadow. Much of the Jedi conscripts within the Temple see his position as one of with the potential for abuse against the Jedi Code, but Ereth has shown nothing but the upmost respect for it's creed. Denouncing the evils of the Sith is a subjecation he has persued throughout the course of his life. And he guards fondly the noble traits of the Republic. His wisdom is sometimes outweighed by his curiosity, and it has been known to get him in to trouble from time to time, a trait that often ends up blowing his cover on more than one occassion.

Strengths: His strength comes from his wisdom. A trait that pulls out the best in him when it comes to patience and temper. Much of his ideas and philosiphies draw from his field expertise as a Sentinel Shadow, which makes for many disagreements among the High Council's members, nonetheless, this commonality isn't a method that breeds discord in his mind. Through meditation and humbleness, Ereth has gained an astute perspective on the galaxy and it's cohorts, the Jedi Council values peace, as he. But he tends prefer action in place of conversation. Believing that it reverberates louder into the recesses of the galaxy and it's perception of the Order than any amount of debating ever would.

Weaknesses: As wise as Ereth can be, he is often subjecated and dislodged from his focus in response to his curiosity. As loyal as he is to the order, he admittingly has question some of the principles of the Order's teachings and has had held conversations with less civilized organics within the galaxy. A trait he habitly picked up from Bota N'oah during their tango's with the Hutts. These traits have been known to get him into risky situations, and on more than a few occassions, nearly cost him his life.

Ships: A Defender class Light Corvette that was modified specifically for Reconnaissance and is often given to Jedi Shadows to fit the criteria of their chosen career path. Though faster and more manueverable than it's standard variant it lacks the same armor and shield upgrades to make it so. It also lacks some of the same weapon features, replacing them with top of the line Jammers so as to remain nonexistant on enemy scanners. A feature within the Hyper Drive provides a patent signal that makes it extremely difficult for enemy ships to track the Jedi Corvette after a hasty escape into Hyper Space. The DG-23 assassin droid typically stays aboard the ship as a co-pilot, though Ereth will task him out on scouting missions in some circumstances.
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