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Saris Amalia

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Saris Amalia

Post by lycansei on Tue May 26, 2015 3:00 pm

Name: Saris Amalia
Race/Species: Human
Place of Birth: Naboo
Current Age: 42
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 100
Appearance: Black hair to around her shoulders, yet her bangs are white as snow. Her eyes are sky blue, pale skin. Her right arm is prosthetic, and she has a long scar from her left shoulder down that resembles a lightning strike
Clothing: Saris wears brown Jedi robes over black shirt and pants. She wears a brown belt that has pouches on it and black boots. She as well has a gray cloak she wears over this.
Force Specialty: She has a natural talent for Force Healing.
Lightsaber forms: She is well versed in Shii-Cho form, but finds herself more comfortable and proficient in left handed Makashi form. Over time she has learned Dual Bladed combat, taking to it exceedingly well.
Equipment: She tries to keep as light as possible, but she keeps various little supplies in the pouches on her belts ranging from but not limited to small medical supplies, misc. Jedi supplies, and small snack foods.
Lightsabers: Saris has one curved-hilt saber which produces an orange blade. Not having found a crystal that called her and being uncomfortable with other crystals she attempted to use, she decided to instead create her own, producing her own standard synth-crystal after much meditation and work.
Her second saber is a strait hilt instead, having round stones that are white in certain places. It has a natural emerald blade.
Other Weapons: n/a
Occupation: Jedi Grand Master
Biography: Born to unknown parents, Saris Amelia was found on Naboo and grew up in orphanages on Naboo yet she could never stick to a single one for very long due to 'social issues with others'. She was often bullied by the other kids, due to occasionally having nightmares that more often than not, came true. It was when she finally ran away that she was found by Jedi Council Member Byindi, and thus began her life as a Jedi.
Upon coming of age, she found it exceptionally hard to get a master. As the others in her age group dwindled, she focused her studies with only the help of two others when they were available--Kain Nehushtan and Corrin Illessar. When others were becoming knights, she still struggled to be noticed. It reached a point she was going to be sent to the corps, if not for Corrin convincing a member of the council to give her a chance at the trials.
Upon succeeding in her trials, she would taken any missions she could get. During one of her few down times at the temple, she had left the temple to talk a walk on the Coruscant streets and found herself face to face with Darth Agrona and her lover(and Saris's former friend) Ja'san. She engaged the two Sith in battle just a few short blocks from the temple on her own, and after she was taken down by Force Lightning from Ja'san, the man cut off her arm at the joint. She was taken back to the temple by Master Byindi, where she slowly healed. After this incident, she focused on honeing her fighting abilties with the help of Corrin.
As she spent much more time in the medbay between missions, soon she was working there herself between missions...and soon after, she found herself there most of the time.
After the mysterious dissaperance of the Grand Master (Her friend, Corrin), she was appointed his successor. In her term, she focused more on the internal workings of the Jedi instead of worrying about their apperance to the outer factions and senate. She even planned a peace summit with the leaders of the Sith, only for the diplomats to never arrive...Yet there was still no attacks from the Sith after that point. She kept her scouts vigilant but decided to take her focus from them, Not only building the Jedi from within but also herself.
Becoming Grand Master gave Saris an opportunity to grow she had not expected to have. Not only has she grown in mind, but in her fighting abilities as well. She continued to expand on what she had learned with Corrin, but now with others of the Council as well. In time, she created a new Lightsaber to compliment her new fighting style.
Personality: Saris tries to be nurturing and kind, though She often spaces out. She tries to think every decision through before choosing even the smallest of things.
Strengths: A healer more than anything, Saris is best at healing others wounds. She's also very good at recalling even the most useless information she picked up from books and other periodicals.
Weaknesses: Physical Combat has always been a force she has struggled with; taking more focus then it should on fighting for her.
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