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Gates of Judgement

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Gates of Judgement

Post by FPNinja on Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:25 am

(NOTE: This story arch, while closely coinciding with the current main plot, is separated from it's events and will not move very far ahead until the current plot is resolved.)

-- Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away... ----

"The Force is a lie...
"like a virus it festers."
"It's host lost to reason; blind and clouded."
"Blind men rage, and war."
"The galaxy is sick, and must be mended."
"Through mending, it shall find peace."
"We who live, shall be judged..."
"And Judgement, shall set us free..."

The dull green hues cut out from the holo-feed. Leaving unfamiliar eyes to mull over the words spoken by the Republic Chancellor. These eyes bore no sense of emotion or consideration over the recent news. If there could be anything registered in them, it was indifference. To the soul who owned them; the invasion of the Jedi Temple did nothing. To the soul who watched, it only further proved his resolve to continue on with his goals.

A mechanical voice reverberated through the void, scratchy, and crackled. "We have confirmed the location of several other figures of Sith orient, sir."

The presence this droid underling had presented itself to with the recent news, did not bother to reply in acknowledgement. Merely continued to look onward in darkness before mouthing out words of his own in silence.

"Chancellor Asklepios... your eyes do not deceive me. I see your lust for power; you grope at it like a hungry-and-helpless child. Like all the others before you, your lust for power blinds you."

"Sir?" The droid, startled by the lack of response, looked ahead in the darkness, waiting patiently for his master to present it.

"Rule of Two..." was all that the droid heard, and it did not know what to do with such a response. Finally, the eyes darted left to focus on the droid... his droid, of his own creation... no... a creation of his creations. It stood fearless, cloaked in the ire of those molded by flesh and blood, only it was not. It acted as if it had a soul, as if it had meaning, it was not tampered with protocols, nor was it hindered by algorithms that would make it a mindless servant.

"The organization of the Sith Empire, of what little fools we have left running around claiming such allegiance, will be hunted down with as much prejudice as the Jedi." the voice was deep, doubled-over, and mechanical as well. "Deploy Legion, have each one track down an individual Sith counterpart."

"And should we meet with resistance, sir?" the droid questioned.

"They are not to eliminate them under any circumstances, monitor them... intervene only if threatened by the Republic... they are not to be discovered, if they are, they will self-terminate."

The Droid bowed solemnly, it's dark tattered robes draping over it's skeletal form as it did so. "It shall be done."

As the droid left another took his place, a man this time... of flesh and blood. A former who bore allegiance to the Sith Empire long before.

"My Lord." he bowed humbly.

There was silence that followed, long and permeating until the man he addressed offered his voice once more. "Jaakor... This man, Asklepios is no different than the fools he follows. Grasping at power like an un-suckled babe. Taking advantage of the Republic I've weakened."

The man, Darth Jaakor, nodded silently before stepping forward, approaching through darkness until he stood but a few meters away from his Master. "The beings that follow the dark path of the force cannot help themselves, my lord. Their reliance on the dark side saps them of any awareness to it's effects. You made me see the error of my ways. The dark side is poison, it only seeks to use us as puppets. The Jedi are no different, the light side of the force... gives them hope where there is none, it's resolve blinds them as well."

"Soon they will be no more. For too long, they have abused the gifts they were given. The Rakata have left us with the means to finish this age long feud once and for all. And when our goals are realized, no longer will the force govern and control. I have hidden under the guise of the Sith Empire for long enough. No longer shall I affiliate myself with the Dark Council or cater to their whims. We are more than ready to move forward now..."

"As it should be, My lord, Exodus. A new age shall dawn when the machine is finished..."

"And Rapture shall begin..."
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