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Xeo Xeniro

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Xeo Xeniro

Post by Xeo Xeniro on Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:12 pm

Name: Xeo Xeniro

Nickname/Alias: Xeo, Mr Xeniro, Loud Mouth, Trouble Maker, The Drunk.

Race/Species: Humanoid/Corellian

Place of Birth:…  (Born near Coronet city from section 10/O on the map, Battleship squares location markers)

Current Age:  27

Gender:  Male

Height: -5'6''

Weight: -135lbs

Appearance: Normal jaw line with strong cheek bones. mid-strong nose with sharp point with a slight crescent indentation. Dark brown to Tawny eyes when light is upon them. Hair color is brownish chocolate that is short in the back and sides but long bangs in the front.

Clothing: A leather flight jacket with padding in the pecks area. High collar in a oriental feel space for the adam's apple to not hit. Custom robes of black with sliver markings in galactic basic for his name and rank. Flight leather gloves tucked in from the jacket. Standard issue smuggler Corellian gunslinger belt (something like Han Solo). In Black with a sliver hexagon buckle with engraving on the leather belt itself with wing like designs. Black cargo pants with leg pockets to hold hand side objects. Black boots with sliver bands to 'tie' up to his figure with sliver tips and metal heels.

His other garmits he wares when his flight jacket is not needed is a standard issue Jedi tunic with sliver outline tabards with his family name on his left side and his homeworld on his right side in arbesh.

Force Specialty:
Force Telekinesis(Push and Pull)/*****
Force Speed/Natural affinity/*****
Force Leap(and or)Jump/****.
Force Mind Trick/****
Force Saber Throw/*****

-Tutaminis levels
Force Protection/***
Force Adsorption/***
Force Aura/***
Force Dispelled/**
Force Light/*

Dark Side:
Force Fury/** (Different than Rage in Xeo's eyes)  

Lightsaber forms:

Equipment: His personal Data Pad (The Swiss army knife of toys and tools). Able to gather intel, hack, slice, and decoded all sorts of information.

Lightsabers: Verison 1: An emerald green hue blade. No fancy name for it.… <---pic. This lightsaber has been destroy at the battle of Corellia's event.

Verison 2: The signature Aquamarine/Mint Green hue blade for Xeo Xeniro named The Nephilim.….

Other Weapons: None from his training as a Jedi now.

Biography: Xeo Xeniro was born near the open planes town near the city of Coronet city. His family, Hicktorale, the father, Cintreila, his mother, and his brother, Dreazin, are close from a young age and consider him the older of their family kin. Where Dreazin goes Xeo follows him without question. Hicktorale and Cintreila are exile Jedi for forming a relationship against the council's wishes due to them being in secret. Assuming how strict The Jedi Order was on their ideas of The Force and their love together they left on their own terms. From their leave of The Jedi Order they told Xeo and Dreazin to live out their lives for The Republic...and not The Jedi ways. Been told lies for the better of Xeo and Dreazin they were kept under watchful eyes by them both until they reach the age of enlistment for war efforts.

His natural affinity to The Force started giving Xeo an edge over long distance sprints as Dreazin's affinity to Force Telepathy they were perused by The Republic from Coronet's ISN division for recruitment. In a short period of time they were taken away, by force, from their parents and Dreazin's say so to join the army of The Republic and trained up to be Squad leaders. In time they were given their own teams and started to run spec opts against those whom were enemies against The Republic.

After a few months when war broke out with The Jedi teaming up for full scale battle, Xeo pleaded to Dreazin of having Jedi on the team while Dreazin consider them an easy answer and over used weapon for The Republic. By doing this The Republic had both the Xeniro brothers court marshal...which lead to them leaving the army of The Republic and becoming their own merc group; however, Corellia would never be safe for them and their family until something could be arranged. Xeo, with Dreazin, will do what they can for fighting for The Republic as their shadow in the darkness. He now has been with Nozomi Angelicus for months behind the Jedi's back as they work together among with Grand Master Corrin.

Personality: Xeo is quite the open mind person whom has little restrain on what is on his mind, which is why he is consider to his nickname...Load Mouth. At times he will only be serious when any emotional ties could be felt within his heart. On the battlefield he will laugh at death and be sarcastic to his enemies as he do his tricks to beat up squads of troops and what not. Intoxicated Xeo is a party time mind set for him either on leave from the army/jobs...or doing the jobs, which is him being reckless and always causing trouble in this state. He dislike of anything Dark Side in nature will always get him drawn into conflict against the ever endless battle to set balance back to the galaxy...even if he used a bit of Dark Side powers of his own. It's a frustration he has accepted.

Strengths: Xeo's is great in battle with his weapons and loves the feel of combat to make him truly alive. Infiltrations and rapid deployment due to his Force Speed. Getting information via charms and willpower in his voice and words. As a Jedi Battlemaster all of his lightsaber combat skills are what drives him to higher learning to being one of The Jedi Order's best duelist in his time being alive; however, he still retains the understanding Corrin being better than him in other aspects and respect him for his current place.

Weaknesses: Due to his Alcoholism when he is sober for too long his emotions become erratic and his unbalanced . Becomes depress and emotional compromised due to arguments with his older brother and losing, which causes him to take more risk. Pushing his Force Speed too far and overheating his body which cause him to pass out. Anything he has to do with The Dark Side, by any means, is his personal moral punishment. He never wanted to end up like his brother, Dreazin but at times he has to call on The Dark Side for even Juyo's form at it's fullest. A great amount of restrain to come back from it's lure always have Xeo on the edge of 'what if I fall' mind set hours later.

Ships: None at the moment.

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