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Naydo Malesyn

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Naydo Malesyn

Post by FPNinja on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:17 am

Naydo Malesyn
by *FacePalmNinja

Name: Naydo Malesyn
Nickname/Alias: Nate
Prounounced: (Na-to Male-son)
Race/Species: Arkanian
Place of Birth: Arkania
Current Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: - 73 inches
Weight: - 200 lbs.
Appearance: To be included.

Clothing: Standard Battle Dress Uniform of the Republic Military. In combat, wears flak jacket complete with Ammo cartridges displayed in the lower front, gunner's back pack is worn, binoculars, flares, thermal detonators are all within reach along a tactical belt. Navigational Gadget sported on left arm. Rifle hangs off of chest when not in use.

Force Specialty: His intellect and instinct may hint a slight affinity to the force, but he has no knowledge or grasp on it's concepts. Some of his most special characteristics are included in that of his ethnicity. Arkanian's are capable of seeing through infrared fields of vision. And are highly sensitive to heated objects. Because of this, Naydo often wears shaders to protect his eyes from brighter days.

Lightsaber forms: N/A


- 2 Thermal Detonators
- Blaster resiliant Flak vest. Custom Military Issue for special forces
- Binoculars with NVG and Thermal Features
- Flash light (Attachable)
- Multi-tool (used for a variety of purposes "soldiers best friend" )
- Flares
- Survival Gear
- Combat Knife
- Tactical Grenades (flashbang/concussion)

Other Weapons:

- Outland Rifle: A self purchased, self jury-rigged, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired weapon which Naydo utilized during his time in service. With the nack for blaster fire being so inaccurate despite it's high level of success, Malesyn decided to stick with a less sophisticated weapon of war and go with a more primitive rifle. To this end, he engineered it for success, cutting the barrel shorter so that it increased both accuracy and range, and strengthening the firing mechanism by conventional means. When tested, the rifle shot beautifully.

- Adjudicator Slugthrower Pistol: A common military grade issue for Alliance Special Forces. The Adjudicator, which Naydo nick-named, The Judge, was a slugthrower with grimacing results.



Naydo Malesyn is a former member of the Arkanian society. A proud and defiant race of genetically altered humanoids who were infamously known for abducting sentient species and sabotaging their DNA strands to combine with their own. They are commonly referred to as mad scientists, out for world domination. Their seemingly flawless appearance is the result of generations worth of genetic alteration. Giving Arkanian's a laundry list of strengths, such as improved reflex, muscular strength and endurance, and even the ability to see in infrared light. Malesyn's father was one of the few members of the society to decline his society's claim of superiority, and often refused to partake in what was considered customary. Fearing a revolt that would claim his family, Malesyn's father fled Arkania to a remote planet on the outer rims, sheltering himself and his family on Dantooine. There, he utilized his engineering and scientific abilities to help aid the less wealthy individuals, clearing up some of the misconceptions about Arkanian culture. Naydo, often aided his father as an additional hand up until his adolescence.


At the exact appropriate age that was required to join the Alliance, Naydo showed up at the recruiting center to begin his journey to Coruscant, where the Academy training grounds had been and where he was to report for Basic Training and Entry Selection. Out of the 78 candidates who were selected to participate in Entry Selection, Naydo was one of 12 individuals who were actually graduates, and went on to earn their stay in the Alliance's 4th Brigade, 273rd SpecOps Division. Throughout his time in service Malesyn has experienced the truth of war, yet despite it all, continued to carry out the mission with a charismatic attitude and with a keen determination to succeed.

Personality: While his charismatic attitude accentuates his status as an all-around soldier for the Republic, Naydo Malesyn is engulfed around the important aspects of teamwork. Despite his ethnicity as an Arkanian, Malesyn doesn't see himself as a superior to anyone, contrary to his appeal. As a subsidiary to this common belief, Naydo dyed his hair to ascertain himself to a more common status of a human being, despite the fact that his eyes are inherently white. He often keeps it kept as well, taking on a typical military crew cut.

Strengths: As an Arkanian, Naydo naturally possesses the ability to make out heat signatures, and is a greater force to be reckoned with when dawn becomes dusk. Despite these genetic enhancements, he had others done, which included muscular endurance and enhancement, as well as precognition functionality and reflexes, making him a dire asset for the Alliance military.


- Underneath his war oriented demeanor lies a warm and nurtured heart. Naydo's comradery is often his downfall when he sees men and women he had served with for years fall under enemy opposition. All too often Malesyn forgets the brutality of war. And it is this common misconception that leaves him mentally scarred when it comes to his past. Some say he possibly suffers from PTSD, but Malesyn would say otherwise.

- Sometime later on in his life, he takes on the habit of smoking.

Ships: No ships as of yet. But is commonly seen riding a typical speeder bike.


- Born in Arkania (3430BBY)
- Joins Republic Military (3448BBY)
- Graduates BCT/AMT/SOSP (3500BBY)
- PCS to 4th Brigade, 273rd Special Operations Division, B Co. 2nd Platoon
- Takes the reigns of a Platoon sized element and prepares his soldiers for combat due to rising Seperatist threats
- Participates in multiple operations in order to protect Republic military assets from Seperatist Guerilla attacks
- Garnishes high praise and award for his leadership and initiative, which saved multiple high quality military operation facilities located throughout the Inner Rim territories from Seperatist takeover.
- After further tours, is promoted to Commander Status and begins operating with other high ranking officials.
- Recieves orders to advise under the command of the Battle and Grandmaster of the Jedi Order


PCS - Permanent Change of Station
BCT - Basic Combat Training
AMT - Advanced Military Training
SOSP - Special Operations Selection Program
AO - Area of Operation
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
LZ - Landing Zone
AWOL - Absent Without Leave
MIA - Missing in Action
KIA - Killed in Action
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