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Aran Tarth

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Aran Tarth

Post by FPNinja on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:18 am

Aran Tarth
by *FacePalmNinja

Name: Aran Tarth

Nickname/Alias: Not Applicable

Race/Species: Corellian

Place of Birth: Corellia

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 205 lbs.

Appearance: A rugged, square-jawed face complete with narrow-squinted hazel eyes. His ragged, medium-length, jet-black hair is commonly kept wrapped under a bandana. His build is athletic, but not overly muscular. He is cut and toned in a manner that accenuates his chosen proffession.

Clothing: His taste in fashionable clothing varies, but commonly sports a tattered, yet appealing over-coat that extends past the waist and stops just before the knee joint, and is decorated with an assortment of patterns that appeals to his overall look. Typical leather gloves, and a slender set of arm braces that provide a chronos, transmitter, and com-link. Sports a hip holster for two blaster pistols, and wears lightly-armored boots.

Force Specialty: While not claiming to be forth-coming or open to the concept of the force, his keen intellect and charming nature may hint to some type of force-sensitivity, but it could just be natural. In short, he possesses no acute connection to the force, nor does he have any ability, or want, to use it.

Lightsaber forms: Not Applicable


- Wrist Comlink
- ImageCaster
- Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)
- Thermal Detonator
- Blaster Pistols x2
- Typical combat-style Vibro Knife
- Pilfering and slicing tools
- Beacon Transceiver

Lightsabers: Not Applicable

Other Weapons:

Pure Sabaac and Idiot's Array: Where two, original Czerka Corporation blaster pistols, of a revolver-like design, once owned by Dravus Vohn. They were highly customized, by other than legal means, during their time in his possession, and were named prevelently after his love for the card game, Sabaac. After his death, Tarth took up the weapons, and has wielded them ever since. While other blasters have upgraded to attone for mishaps, Tarth left them as they had been, and they've been just as crude and accurate as ever. The blaster fire's a blue carbon-based beam of energy with enough power to leave a 3-inch welt in durasteel.

Occupation: Smuggler


A true-born from the planet of Corellia, Aran Tarth grew up on a local farm crop on the outskirts near the edge of the planet's more illustrious city-scapes. A young lad with a knack for mischief-- as was common in Corellian society-- Tarth spent his youth playing Thrashball with his friends. He became popular with local authorities toward his teening years, making off with his father's speeder in order to join the crowds of city life, and pilfer and theft an assortment of materials, such as wallets, valuables, and produce with his peers. Tarth's mother passed on due to illness in his mid-youth. And from there he made a turn-coat shift in the way he carried himself. Having failed to complete his academics at the age of 15, his father forced him to work at a third-party shipping facility to Corellia's more famous organization as a sapper. Taking an interest in the occupation gave him insight into the workings of Corellia's finest ships, a skill he chose to excel in among others over the coming years. At the age of 18, Tarth's father fell ill. Before his inevitable death he left Tarth the farm. Instead of taking over the family business, Tarth decided to call in a favor from old friends and sell the land in order to turn a profit and find a ship of his own.

Tarth eventually settled in Hutt-Space, and fell in with a small time smuggling guild led by an old man named Dravus Vhon. It was the next few years under his service that Vhon taught Tarth the finer points of the particular profession, showing him the aspects of gunslinging, the secrets behind the illustrious game of Sabaac, and the special skills it took to be an effective Smuggler. Vhon became a second-father to Tarth, and the two were inseperable friends. In his blooming twenties, while closing a deal with a small-time Cartel on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, members of the Cartel turned on them. Vhon was shot twice in the midst of the skirmish, Tarth managed to drag Dravus into his ship while fending off the Cartel, escaping successfully, only to watch his long time and old friend die in his arms.

Angered, Tarth went to the Hutts in order to get to the bottom of the brutish double-cross. Only to discover that someone had put a hit on members of their Smuggler's Operation. Tarth forced his contacts to disband from the guild, and make scarce. And went his own way. For 8 years, up until the age of 32, Tarth took odd jobs on the side, in order to maintain his ship and get by, but primarily focused on a heist that would force the Hutt's to reveal information on the Contact that ordered the bounty on his head.

Personality: While failing to meet academic standards on Corellia, his intellect was far more profound than he led on, a personality skillset that was often hidden well under his sarcastic and charismatic personality. Despite his reputation as a ruffian and a scoundrel, his charm and humor has earned him quite a few attractions of the opposite gender. Underneath all the gambit though, lies a man with a heart of gold. He lives by Dravus Vhan's metaphoric words: "Never take from a man, what you wouldn't take from yourself." Regardless of his criminalistic nature he's a man of pride, good-nature, and loyalty to his friends.

Strengths: His charismatic attitude and rugged and inspirational outlook on life make him fearless. A true depiction of a Corellian male who faces off against the odds, Tarth would take on a heard of Rancor if there was something of significant worth in it. His humorism, and sarcascim give him a positive outlook in even the darkest situation.
His piloting and engineering skills are second-to-none, and his aim with a blaster is lethal. Even so, he won't hesitate to fight dirty. Opportunity is a stake in probability, one he does well to take advantage of. His althletic prowess and trigger-reflexes make him quick and hardy.

Weaknesses: Underneath his over-sized ego is a soft-hearted and caring person, a part of him he's pretty good at hiding. An insatiable anger hungers for justice at Dravus Vhon's death. And he'll go to any lengths to see that his killers are brought to his own idea of justice. He's a sucker for damsell's in distress, and won't jeapordize lives for the sake of profit.

His skill with a blaster and his wit do him justice, and he's even been known to outwit both Jedi and Sith alike, but beyond these and his piloting and engineering skills he's just another ordinary man.

Ships: Raven's Fold

The Raven's Fold is a YT series XS Frieghter which has seen serious customization since Tarth had bought it off the Corellian Ship line with his father's estate. Even it's stock variant boasted speed and maneuverability at the time, but Tarth used earnings from his profession to further augment the Hyperdrive and sublight engines. As well as updating the ship's AI for convenience over the years. Other-than-legal modifications have been made, such as hidden storage compartments both within the ship's hull and along the exterior framework. Additional modifications included a shroud fitting to throw off tractor beams, and high-class repulsorlifts for even smoother and more reflexive manuevering capabilities. Aside from the modifications in the ship's speed and manuevering assets was a battle software that teathered the ship's targeting arrays on all turbo lasers to the cockpit. A holo-diagram fitted itself over the pilot's overview to allow for more precise shooting. The ship's shielding has seen slight modification only to keep up with the latest in designs over the passing years. Tarth also teathered the ion engines power output to the shielding arrays for dire emergencies. Sacrificing sub-speed for protection. Aside from these slight modifications, however. The ship was built to avoid combat situations and outrun authorities, rather than instigate them.
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