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Arom Cassiel

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Arom Cassiel

Post by Darth Imogen on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:15 am

Name: Arom Cassiel
Nickname/Alias: The Lonesome Mute or The Mute
Race/Species: Human
Place of Birth: Adarlon
Current Age: 35 standard galactic years
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight: 238 lb (108 kg)

Appearance: Thick dark chocolate brown hair that drapes over his shoulders and neck in an unkempt fashion with bold cerulean colored eyes that seem to pierce into one's soul upon contact. His face is thin, chiseled, and cold. He tends to have a pronounced five o'clock shadow where his stubble grows in quickly by noon. Despite this, he has yet to sport the Jedi Master Beard look, perhaps to break from the norm. He is very muscular and athletic, despite his age, but appears pasty and pale in skin color. Although, he is not as nimble as he used to be at a younger age, he can still keep pace with Knights and even Padawans... but at a price in the morning.

Clothing: Cassiel has always worn very dark clothing, which his colleagues (and a vast majority of the order) have commented that his robes match his shrewd personality and demeanor. Although, his wardrobe doesn't always consist of black, but rather very dark hues of brown and blues. Along with Cassiel's gloomy attire, he adorns his body with battle armor. He sacrifices mobility for protection mostly because the battlefields were often so packed with combatants that moving about freely on the battlefield would be difficult even without armor. However, Cassiel's armor was light and comfortable when compared to most battle armor worn by the troops. His reasoning for this is to give himself the ability to use the Force as much as possible without reservation and hindrance.

Force Specialty: Aside from knowing a great deal of force powers that help gain the advantage in combat, I.E. Telekinesis such as Force Push and the like, Cassiel is an avid practitioner of Mind Tricks or Force Illusions, despite being a Jedi Guardian and specializing in combat techniques and strategies. However, there have been rumors that Cassiel has dabbled in more destructive and malicious variations of the Force Illusions such as Mind Control and Force Fear. There have also been accusations that Cassiel has used these techniques and others for personal gain. These claims were investigated by the Jedi Council, and they have concluded that these claims were indeed false, due to no significant evidence or eyewitnesses.

Lightsaber forms: Because of his occupation within the Jedi Order (Jedi Guardian- weapons specialist), Cassiel has practiced all the Lightsaber Forms enough to teach the basics of them to a Padawan or another colleague. Although, Cassiel is very proficient with Form VII, more specifically, Juyo. Cassiel favors Juyo because of how direct it was in attacking, but yet unpredictable in the same token. A feature he felt was a great advantage in times of war with Sith, considering both Doctrines of the Force Religion, taught the same Lightsaber Forms and Techniques.

Equipment: Aside from Cassiel's battle armor that mimics his eye color, his utility belt harbors numerous medical supplies, technical gizmos for fixing various items, and food supply capsules in case of emergencies such as being stranded for weeks with no support from the Order or allied civilizations. Cassiel also sports a gauntlet on both arms. One (the left) is specialized for jacking into computer terminals on ships as well as stationary units for downloading and uploading information from them to a built in datapad equipped with both an audio and video communicator. The other (the right) is designed to emit a red electromagnetic shield that blocks and deflects blaster bolts while also withstanding lightsaber attacks directly for 10 seconds before shorting out. When it shorts out, it takes 30 seconds for the shield to cool down and recharge before engaging once more.

Lightsabers: One chrome (with opal and onyx inlays, devices and buttons) dual-bladed lightsaber that can transform into two separate standalone lightsabers. The hilts, when combined, measure to approximately 22" in length and comes complete with blade power & length regulators, while both chrome hilts house 3 separate crystals. Pontite-  is the rarest and most powerful which type of Adegan crystal, that resonates with a powerful aura that cools both the skin and tempers. Sigil-  mined in the Sigil system, was costly but worthwhile due to the searing effect is has. It's brownish-yellow color in nature, but when used in a lightsaber was incredibly potent and dealt greater damage. And lastly a synthetic color crystal that resembled that of Cassiel's bold piercing eyes. The color crystal was Dark Blue, but because it was created synthetically, the blade pulsated and became unstable at times, resulting with a core that swirls, crackles and sparkles in a peculiar manner.

Occupation: Cassiel is a Jedi Guardian with the rank of Master in the Jedi Order. He has yet to attain a higher rank due to several blemishes in his career, as well as his unconventional teachings. However, Cassiel has only taught one apprentice while he has been with the Jedi Order. Reason being, is because Cassiel is constantly being sent to the front-lines, so to speak, to end small wars on distant planets between it's inhabitants and /or neighboring rivals. However, the High Council noticed that Cassiel's mentality, demeanor, and moral views had changed due to his extensive time in the field, with one particular traumatic event in mind, and quite often question his stability as a Lightsider, therefore further barring him from ascending to a higher rank as a seated Council Member.

Biography: Nothing really was out of the ordinary with Arom. He was partially raised by his parents, whom were both working in the entertainment business on the remote planet of Adarlon. At an early age, he was taken away upon his parents requests to be tested and trained in the Jedi Arts on Coruscant. He later attended the Jedi Academy, dropping his first name and using his last in it's, place like many others. He would fair very well throughout his career there and carrying over when he was assigned to his Master and being ordered to help with the Republic's interests throughout the known galaxy to free nations and planets in order to have them join and contribute to the Republic.

Eventually, Cassiel was promoted to the rank of Knight upon completion of his training under his Master's discretion and the passing of the trials, but mostly because of how well Cassiel excelled and persevered on the battlefield and his noteworthy actions in negotiations off the battlefield. It wasn't long until Cassiel took on a Padawan of his own, Láska Belial, and passed on his personal knowledge and experience in a passionate, persistent, and dedicated manner to her. And over many years of training Belial, their Master and Apprentice relationship deteriorated, and continued to do so after she had been Knighted. For numerous reasons, Láska Belial was Cassiel's only, and as far as he is concerned, last Apprentice. And since then, Cassiel has made an extraordinary effort not be noticed by anyone in order to avoid any relationship that could jeopardize his position any further and/or cause him to be forced to take on another Apprentice. Which is why he doesn't usually speak.

Personality: Cassiel is a very reserved person and avoids coming into contact with anyone within the Temple's walls, unless summoned or needed. But when he does interact with his colleagues He has often come off as peculiar, since Cassiel rarely speaks which earned him his nickname "The Mute." But when he does open his mouth, nothing good ever comes of it. Cassiel been described as being cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, and bitter by others despite , despite speaking in a cool, calm and collective manner, even if his words are negative.

Strengths: Cassiel is very good at making himself seem practically invisible in a crowded street in broad daylight. Not to mention, he can usually get his point across without saying one word.He is very good at getting information when doing reconnaissance, as well as dealing with negotiations are the few things the Jedi Order doesn't have any complains. He is also an excellent swordsman, and apparently, was an exemplary teacher once upon a time.

Weaknesses: Cassiel has been known to be a bit self absorbed at times, and is helplessly socially awkward at times. He's also not a very good pilot. He can fly, but prefers not to for various reasons.

Ships: Cassiel has no need to own a ship. If he needs transport for a mission, he just uses what the Order has to offer, but usually takes public transport because of his missions.
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