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Raven's Fold

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Raven's Fold

Post by FPNinja on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:50 pm

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Title: Raven's Fold

Model: YT series XS Freighter

History: The Raven's Fold is a YT series XS Freighter which has seen serious customization since Tarth had bought it off the Corellian Ship line with his father's estate. Even it's stock variant boasted speed and maneuverability at the time, but Tarth used earnings from his profession to further augment the Hyper-drive and sub-light engines. As well as updating the ship's AI for convenience over the years. Before falling into the avid hands of the Smuggler the ship served as a cargo unit for a mining organization in the Factory Worlds. Since then it has seen various owners of other-than-noteworthy-mention. Other-than-legal modifications have been made, such as hidden storage compartments both within the ship's hull and along the exterior framework. Additional modifications included a shroud fitting to throw off tractor beams, and high-class repulsor-lifts for even smoother and more reflexive maneuvering capabilities. Aside from the modifications in the ship's speed and maneuvering assets was a battle software that tethered the ship's targeting arrays on all turbo lasers to the cockpit. A holo-diagram fitted itself over the pilot's view-port to allow for more precise shooting. The ship's shielding has seen slight modification only to keep up with the latest in designs over the passing years. Tarth also tethered the ion engines power output to the shielding arrays for dire emergencies. Sacrificing sub-speed for protection. Aside from these slight modifications, however. The ship was built to avoid combat situations and outrun authorities, rather than instigate them.

Noteable Features:

- Modified Hyper Drive and Sublight features. The Hyper-Drive features a data-dump module that can effectively store information on the routes the ship travels, this particular module allows Tarth to access various smuggler Hyper lanes and avoid potential enemies. Information can also be uploaded manually so Tarth can input any routes he discovered by word-of-mouth. Another risky but valuable feature nonetheless is the ability to calculate two possible hyper lane jumps at any given time. While extremely dangerous, this allows the Raven's Fold to effectively "bounce" between hyper lanes. However, it takes significantly more time for the Hyper Drive to calculate two routes, and even then, bouncing will not always ensure the Raven's Fold reaches the appropriate destination of the second route.

- Ship AI: The ship's AI is a modular combat and tactics processor, that can assess itself for damage and reroute it's own power accordingly. It's primary calculations take place in the cockpit, where it can register the pilots various bodily gestures, such as eye movement, and re-arrange holo-overlays such as a target reticule to match. The ship can effectively assess the health status of on-board members with bio-scan sensors and can provide or suggest minor treatment. It's primary directive is set for crew and hull vitality and perseverance.

- Modified Repulsorlift technology: Dual-thruster technology integrated for more power with less energy consumption. Allowing for swift, agile, and easy maneuverability.

- Shroud fittings: A module unit located in various compartments along the ships exterior hull that house various units that emit particles capable of confusing tractor beam locks, allowing enough time for the Raven's Fold to make a hasty escape into Hyper Space.

- Offensive Capabilities
* 4 turbo lasers: 2 above, 2 below
* 4 tube locations to launch various missile payloads most commonly concussion.
* The cargo has a drop hatch for the capability of dropping bomb payloads for bombing runs, but is rarely if ever used in such respect.
* 2 ion cannons located on either side of the ship
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